April 02, 2012

My Dream House

I’ve got some bad news.  I did NOT win the $640 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot on Friday.  Total bummer.  Even though I didn’t win, I had some fun waiting for my winning numbers to be drawn and dreaming about what I would do with all that moolah (besides my initial act of rolling in it and throwing it into the air to make it rain, gangsta style).  Of course I would give a ton of money away to my family, friends, charities, and travel around the world, but I also fantasized about what my dream house would look like. 

I’m thinking I’d want my dream house to be on a tropical beach somewhere with a big wrap around porch and some swinging or rocking chairs to enjoy the view.



I’d love to have a big bright kitchen with white cabinets, a huge island, and lots of windows.



And since this is my dream kitchen, it needs a big butlers pantry where I could prep and store food so it would be out of the way while entertaining in the kitchen (even in my wildest dreams I think practically)

I’d love to wake up and go to bed to the sound of the ocean, so I dream of a bedroom with a big balcony with sweeping views.  And maybe it would have a window seat where I could look out and count my lucky stars too.



Since my dream house is in a beautiful tropical place, I think it needs an outdoor shower and bath.


And of course the dream house needs some entertainment space.  How about an outdoor movie theatre (although my practical self wonders how to enjoy a movie while avoiding mosquitos and other critters- my dream house would have to be in a bug free zone).


I’d want to stay active, so basketball and tennis courts in the backyard would be amazing.  I know they’d be on my hubby’s dream list too.


And I wouldn’t want to give up gardening.  I think I’d like a big garden where I could grow flowers and my own fruits and veggies.


And chickens.  I’ve always wanted to raise my own egg laying hens.


Of course, no dream home would be complete without a pool in the backyard.  I think I’d want one with palm trees and a waterfall.  Who am I kidding, it would need to have a water slide too.




Ah, it’s nice to dream isn’t it?  So I didn’t win the lottery, but it was fun to find photos of these amazing homes.  What would your dream home look like if you won the lottery?  Would it be on a beach like mine?

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