May 18, 2012

Sweet Strawberries

Two years ago I bought two small strawberry plants and planted them in a container.  I got a whopping harvest of about 3 or 5 strawberries that year.  Last year, I replanted those plants into the ground and had a better harvest of a couple dozen strawberries.  They were spreading like crazy so when we built a garden bed in the back of our yard last year, I relocated a strawberry plant there.  It’s been the perfect spot for strawberries because they’ve spread like mad and have overtaken the left side of the garden bed.


Here’s a close up of the madness with salvia flowers growing in the background.  In hindsight, planting the salvia next to the strawberries wasn’t a good move considering salvia attracts lots of bees and makes strawberry picking a much more dangerous activity than you’d think.

I started picking strawberries this week and I’ve already had a bigger harvest than I did all of last year.  The strawberries have a wonderful flavor and are very aromatic, something store-bought strawberries just can’t compete with.


There are still a lot of green strawberries so I’m hoping my harvest stretches out for a few weeks.

green strawberries

Today I picked a big bowl of strawberries.  However, I did catch a certain garden pest trying to take a big bite out of them!

He’s lucky he’s so cute.  But who can blame him, no one can resist my big beautiful berries.


What’s growing in your garden this year?  Have you tried growing strawberries or other fruit?

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