May 25, 2012

What I’ve Been Up To

The tricky part of blogging is that when I’m busy working on projects, I don’t have time to blog.  Or when I’m busy blogging, I don’t have time to actually do projects.  So you can probably guess by my lack of posts recently that I’ve been a busy bee working on some projects.  I took a bunch of photos today, so I hope to share what I’ve been working on starting next week (spoiler alert: 2 of my favorite projects ever are coming up!)

I’ve also been doing some small things here and there around the house.  Although they’re not particularly exciting, I’m happy to check several things off of my to-do list.

After about 2 years (yes, YEARS) of living with way too long curtains, I finally broke out the sewing machine and hemmed them.  This was actually a pain because I washed them first which got them all wrinkled and meant over an hour of ironing for 6 all-cotton curtain panels.  Although that doesn’t really excuse the 2 years of procrastinating.  But now they’re clean, ironed, and just the right length!

(Sorry I have no idea how to take a photo of a bright window!)  Despite the chore of washing them,  I do actually like these curtains, they are the Ritva curtains from Ikea.

I’d show you a wider angle photo of the curtains, but they are right next to a big project I’ve been working on.  I’m very excited about this one and can’t wait to show y’all next week!

And speaking of both procrastination and secret projects, I finally got off my butt to finish a project I started forever ago but never really completed.  I will keep you in suspense a little longer with this one, but here’s a teaser photo of some shelves I’m painting for it:

Not a very exciting photo, but it will  be a very exciting project once it’s all done!

We’ve also been doing a little touch up painting, including our front door and surrounding trim which got a fresh coat of white paint.

Now if I could only prevent my pooch from jumping on the door and dirtying it up again.

So that’s what I’ve been up to, crossing things off my to-do list and finishing up a few big projects.  What have you been working on recently?

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