May 10, 2012

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bites

We had a bunch of bananas that were starting to brown (what an exciting start to this blog post, haha), so I wanted to make a snack with them before they went bad.   There are a bunch of different recipes for banana bites online with varying degrees of complexity, but I wanted to make something really simple so I used just 4 ingredients I already had on hand.
I simply cut up a banana, added a layer of peanut butter, and then topped it with a craisin (a dried cranberry).
Then I melted some chocolate chips in a shallow dish (I like to use a little fish shaped dish because it’s a nice depth).  I microwave chocolate chips for no more than 45 seconds at a time to make sure the chocolate doesn’t scorch, and just stir between each microwave session.
Once the chocolate was melted, I spread it onto the banana bites with a butter knife.
Then I stuck the bites into the freezer for a few hours until fully frozen.
And there you have it, a super easy, 4 ingredient, chocolate peanut butter banana bite!  Since my bananas were on the over ripe side, these bites turned out very sweet.  Hope you have a sweet tooth! 
Yummy!  These are a nice size when you want a bite-size sweet snack.  Do you have any favorite sweet treats?


Brandi @ His Shabby Her Chic said...

They look delish! The craisin is like a nice little surprise too since you can't see it.

Unknown said...

Yum!! I've seen banana bites on Pinterest and have been wanting to try some. Your look delish!