September 24, 2012

2013 Ikea Catalog

The mail is always a big deal in our house.  There’s no good reason for this because most days the mail is just a junk pile of things I don’t need, like credit card applications or cash-for-gold fliers.  But getting the mail is fun anyway because every once in a while I’ll receive something good like a party invitation, Better Homes & Gardens, or best of all- a package I forgot that I ordered.  And once a year, something very exciting comes- the Ikea catalog!

For about the last 15 years, I’ve gotten a strange amount of enjoyment from flipping through a brand new Ikea catalog.  15 years ago, before high speed internet and certainly home decorating blogs, the Ikea catalog was my only source of decorating inspiration. Well, that and episodes of the Christopher Lowell Show (anyone remember that show?)  I was very young back then, but I’ve always loved decorating shows & catalogs!


That’s a very long way of telling you that I like mail, I was a weird kid, and the 2013 Ikea catalog came in the mail recently.  So as I like to do each year (you can see my 2012 and 2011 recaps here), I like to share some of my favorite finds from the catalog.  Here’s what I liked this year:

The MALM occasional table. For $129, I think this is a great looking table that’s very versatile.  I can picture it in an entry way or family room as a little office or homework space. Page 41.


HYLLIS shelving unit for just $14.99.  What a deal and a steal for galvanized steel (sorry, I can’t resist a rhyme once in a while and we’ve already covered the fact that I’m weird).  But seriously, what a great price for a shelving unit.  I can picture it in a pantry, garage, or basement- maybe even as a baker’s rack in the kitchen.  Plus, the description says it’s indoor/outdoor and I think it would look even cuter on a patio full with flower pots.  Page 51.


Hello, gorgeous upholstered bed, BEKKESTUA.  If you get just the headboard, it’s $250.  Not bad, right?  Page 62.


Speaking of the bedroom, I’m in love with the turquoise-blue Malin duvet set.  It’s shown in the catalog on page 79, but I couldn’t find the product description in there, but it’s on their website and available in different sizes from $19.99-$39.99.


This map pillow, the BENZY LAND cushion, also caught my eye and is listed as $12.99 on page 138.  No surprise that I like this pillow, after all I sewed my own nautical map pillow, have a big map featured over my new office/craft desk, and made a map photo frame (recently featured on woot!).  So yeah, I kind of have a thing for maps.


It was also interesting to see that this year’s catalog had, dare I say it, a more blog-like feel to it.  Scattered throughout it were their own Ikea hack suggestions as to how their products could be DIY modified or spruced up.  Anyone else notice that?

So those are my picks for the 2013 Ikea catalog.  Any other member of the Ikea fan club out there?  What did you think of this year’s catalog?

By the way, Ikea (or anyone else for that matter) did not ask me or sponsor me to write this blog post.  They have no idea who I am, except maybe as the weird lady that comes into the store every once in a while.  Point is, they had nothing to do with this blog post.

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