October 08, 2009

Hotel Decor: W San Francisco

Last week I slipped away for a few days and traveled to San Francisco. I was only there for about 2 days for a work , but made the most of my business trip with some sightseeing and a stay at a nice and funky hotel. Traveling from the east coast to the west coast and back over 2-3 days is a pain, but I was happy that my business meeting was in a place as cool as San Francisco.

I was also very happy to stay at the W hotel. I’ve been to San Fran before (all for work), but this was my first time staying at the W. Actually, it was my first time staying at any W hotel and I loved it! The hotel is definitely targeted to a younger, hipper crowd and is full of cool and funky décor. Even the elevators look cool:

My room was pretty awesome and had a king size bed with cool wood and mirror (not in that way) headboard, nice built in desk and workstation, and a window seat. The room was also full of fun décor like a glowing color changing Buddah, a kaleidoscope, and a cool radio with iPod deck (although I couldn’t figure out how to use it, so I guess it wasn’t that cool after all).

More about those cool room details a little later, but now check out the super cute window seat in the room:

This window seat is such a fun and comfortable touch for a hotel room. It made the room seem more like a bedroom and less like a stark, standard hotel room. It also  had nice window treatments and instead of dusty old curtains, the W used plantation style shutters for the window and a sheer curtain to frame the window seat. They added some bright blue cushions for seating and complimentary brown and white pillows. The brown pillows had a “W” embellished in them, an idea which could be copied at home by embellishing pillows tastefully with your monogram or initials.

The room used great paint colors for the window seat and the room overall. Many different bright colors were used, but they all worked well together since the room’s walls were kept pretty calm and funky colors were only used as fun accents. They even painted the inside of the window seat area a soft blue color, while the outside walls were kept a beige color. These colors look great paired together and the blue made the window seat look like a very cozy nook. The blue works really well for the window seat, despite the paint color not being use anywhere else in the room except the bathroom. I have a small window seat in my master bedroom and think I might now paint the inside a light blue. How do you like this look?

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- Sarah :-) said...

Oh wow - I love it!! Very nice hotel room... it hardly looks liek a hotel room, and that's my FAVorite part about it! ;-)