October 06, 2009

Guest Toiletries Tray

Whenever I travel, I can't help but snatch up the cute little shampoo and conditioner bottles from my hotel room.  When I went to Bermuda this summer (where I snagged these post-cards), I picked up these cute toiletries by Miller Harris.

The toiletries are good quality with nicely printed packaging so I wanted to share them with guests in my guest bathroom.  I found a little plastic tray on clearance at Target and added the toiletries.  To fill some of the empty space and to make the tray look more personal (and less like I just swiped it from my hotel room) I added a scented candle for a cozy touch and some shells I've collected over the years for a personal touch.  A tulle ribbon holds all of the bottles together and adds some pretty texture to complete the tray.

For under $1 for the cost of the tray, plus a few things I already had (and a trip to Bermuda of course) I put together this cute tray to welcome guests staying in my home.

I'm featuring this project on diy day.

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