September 17, 2010

Baby Robin Update

Remember that robin's nest I found in my backyard, the one with these tiny day old birdies:

Those little babies grew fast because about a week later they looked less like a ball of fuzz and more like an actual bird:

Their mom and dad was constantly nearby keeping an eye on them and feeding them:

I was amazed at how quickly they grew:


Within a week and a half they were already growing out of their nest:


And just four days after the previous picture, they barely fit in their nest and were ready to fly.  This is the last snapshot I took before the birds started to fly that day:


I loved watching these baby Robins grow and am amazed they went from little fur balls to flying birds in two weeks!  Have you had any feathery or furry animal encounters in your back yard?


La said...

Thank you for sharing the wonders of nature from your yard.

Have a great weekend! La

Deepal said...

That's amazing! What a special back yard treat!