September 21, 2010

Summertime Zinnias

After the very hot summer we had this year, it seems as though everyone is anxious for Autumn to begin... everyone except me that is!  I love summer and intend to hang onto it as long as possible and enjoying what's left of the warm weather!  Technically, it's still summer and fall doesn't even begin until tomorrow so I'm going to maintain my summer state of my mind until then (and as long afterwards as possible).

I have really enjoyed gardening this summer and my blooming Zinnias are proof summer isn't over quite yet:

planted zinnia

I planted these beauties from seeds in the spring and they have been blooming wonderfully over the past few  months.  This was my first time planting Zinnias and I will definitely plant more next year.  I'm already looking forward to planting Zinnias in different colors and varieties next Spring.  They seem to enjoy the hot weather and are very easy to grow.


The best part is that you can extend their bloom by cutting flowers, which means I've been enjoying this view in my house for a couple of months:

cut zinnias

There's nothing like fresh flowers to brighten a room!  How about you, are you still hanging onto summer like me or are your fall wreaths and pumpkins already on display?

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ChRiS said...

my favorite flower...i plant every year and like you i have outside and cuttings for in the house...i hate to see them go =(