October 04, 2010

Cute Kitchen Utensil Container

I've been on a big organization kick lately trying to organize all of the closets, drawers, and other nooks and crannies in our house.  My hope is that once all of the stuff in our house has a tidy dedicated spot where it should be stored, the house will be easy to clean and keep clean (I can dream, can't I?).

In the kitchen our cooking utensils had a dedicated spot, but it was a bit overcrowded and I couldn't always find what I needed in the messy drawer.  No sense in having a dedicated storage spot if it looks like this:


To solve this kitchen clutter, I grabbed my most frequently used kitchen utensils and put them in this cute white filigree vase that I'm using in place of a typical kitchen utensil container.  I snagged it at Ross for just $5 and I love how it looks on my counter.


Now my spatulas, whisks, ladles, and other cooking utensils have a pretty new home right next to the stove- a pretty and convenient solution!  Although, now I'm tempted to buy prettier kitchen utensils to match my pretty new container!


I'm still working on organizing other areas of my kitchen, have any tips or advice to share?

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ChRiS said...

wish i did yesterday putting groceries away i thought to myself should be a tutor or a class how to put things away in your kitchen cabinets.