March 23, 2011

Golden Girls House: Modernized

It’s no secret that I love the Golden Girls (in fact I’ve managed to somehow mention them in my blog posts here, here, and here); its only one of the best TV shows ever after all.  Recently while I was watching a Golden Girls marathon, I got to thinking about what the Girls’ house would look like if the show took place today.  Back in the 80s and early 90s when the show aired, The Golden Girls Miami house was decorated in wicker and pastel floral prints.

If the show took place today, I’d like to think the Golden Girls living room would still have a tropical Miami vibe, but the bright colors would be focused on the accessories rather than the main furniture in the room.  Here’s my modernized take on the Golden Girls house:

Here’s the breakdown of my Golden Girls inspired living room:

-Banana Settee & Armchair: I kept the wicker look, but modernized it with a sofa and chair made of banana bark and mahogany.
-Accent Pillows (Yellow, Blue & Pink): Instead of floral furniture, I think floral pillows are a fun updated look.
-Klubbo Coffee Table: I kept the square coffee table shape, but updated it from wicker to wood.
-Blue Vase: This vase brings in some of the traditional elements the Girls had in their living room.
-Eat, Pray, Love Book: As a substitute English teacher, Dorothy loved reading. I can picture the girls curled up on their new sofa with a good book like this.
-Glass End Table: The end table is still glass but with contemporary metal accents rather than brass.
-Sea Glass Lamp: To bring in some pastel and tropical colors, I added this sea inspired lamp.
-Lacquer Floor Vase & Willow Branches: The turquoise blue color is continued into this fun floor vase.
-Potted Plant: Plants never go out of style and this tropical beauty has a Miami vibe.
-Sea Flower Blue Print: Their art has been updated too but keeps it pretty pastel colors and continues the tropical vibe.

So what do you think of my take on The Golden Girl’s updated decor?  Can you picture Sophia, Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche hanging out in this living room?

Psstt…I’m thinking about making this a regular feature on my blog.  What old tv show houses would you like to see modernized?


Stephanie said...

Oooh! What a fun idea! How about Family Ties and Full House?

Laura@JourneyChic said...

This is fantastic!! The Cosby Show would be great to try. :)

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Fun! Loving the blue pillow.

Unknown said...

Hey! I was just blogging on my art site about the mauve tiles in my bathroom and how they look like they came from the Golden Girls set. I searched for pictures and found your blog. Great blog! And btw, the tiles really are the exact color of the Golden Girls' couch. Funny! Hop over and check it out!