August 26, 2011

Couple Speak Contest

I’d be lying if I said the Mister and I never get into an argument while we’re doing home improvement projects. We may love each other dearly, but put a paint brush or some sand paper in our hands and suddenly it’s “that’s not how you should do it” or “here, just give it to me” or “fine, do it however you want,
I’m done with this project!” Please tell me we’re not the only ones that get this way?!

3M sure doesn’t think so and they decided to host a "couples speak” contest. 3M (makers of products like painter’s tape and sandpaper you probably have in your toolbox right now) is offering a chance to win $5,000 for the best couples speak video showcasing how couples communicate during home improvement projects. Yep, that’s a $5,000 prize!

To enter this amazing contest, create a funny lighthearted video using the kind of language couples use during home improvement projects. The video shouldn’t show 3M product as it’s all about what happens when things go wrong. The video should be no longer than 2 minutes and should end with one of the animations provided on the 3M site.

In addition to the video contest, there is a weekly $250 translation contest!

Click here for more details and to enter this contest!

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