August 30, 2011

Dining Room Shake Up

Here’s what my dining room has looked like pretty much the entire time we’ve lived in our house:

I change the dining room table setting frequently, but the layout to the room has remained the same.  You can see our family room peaking from the corner of the photo below.  Our family room is to one side of the dining room and our living room is directly adjacent to the dining room.

We usually keep the extension leaf in the table and the table is always positioned long-ways in the room.

On the opposite wall (this photo best shows the colors in the room), we have a little tray table stand that I usually keep family photos on.

Well, my dining room was recently shaken to its core!  For the first time ever, I decided to rotate the dining room table!

Instead of placing the table long-ways, it now goes across the width of the room.  Since we don’t have any large dinner parties planned in the near future, we decided to take out the extension leaf to fit the table in this way.  You can see our living room peaking out in the photo below, for a better idea of the room’s orientation:

Here’s how the place settings look now, with the table facing the new direction:

And the tray table now has room to sit along the main wall of the room.  We couldn’t have it here previously, because the dining chairs would bump into it.

So that’s the change that will forever be known as the Great Dining Room Shake-up of 2011!  Okay, maybe it’s not that huge of a change, but the new arraignment has certainly has a made the room look very different.  I love playing around with furniture arraignments once in a while to refresh a room’s look.  Are you guilty of the same?

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