July 13, 2011

30th Birthday Party Time!

This was the scene at our house last weekend:


My wonderful hubby, Rob, turned the Big Three-O and I didn't let him forget it. On Sunday, we celebrated his birthday with a 1981 inspired party.

To decorate for the big day, I made movie posters plastering his name and the number 30 in the titles of the biggest movies from the year he was born.  Like Rob and the Raiders of the 30th Birthday (I blurred out our last name in the photo below).


And SuperRob 30 instead of Superman 2.


And Cannonball Rob instead of Cannonball Run.


For desert, we munched on banana chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing (I modified the recipe to use more peanut butter and less butter and sugar).  The cupcakes were delish and very light and fluffy.  Of course I couldn't miss out on another opportunity to remind Rob of his age so I made paper pennants and decorated them with 30s.


If those didn't do the trick, his birthday cake was a sure reminder of his new age complete with a number 30 candle and 30 individual candles.


A playlist of the top songs from 1981 helped set the mood too.  Our guests appreciated classic ditties like Jessie's Girl, Keep on Loving You, and Bette Davis Eyes that topped the charts back in '81 (you have to watch the music videos for a full appreciation of their Eighties awesomeness).

And for some party fun, I created 1981 trivia cards and our guests took their best guesses (or tested their memory) at questions like the top TV show, cost of a dozen eggs, and the Superbowl champ from 30 years ago.


If you're throwing a 30th birthday party this year and want a copy of the 1981 trivia or the list of songs from my birthday playlist, feel free to email me and I'll send it over.

Update:  I have updated the 1981 trivia with 1982 trivia that you can download here.

The party was a hit and Rob may have even enjoyed turning 30.  Well maybe not, but at the very least he enjoyed and appreciated the party.  Happy Birthday again to my handsome, smart, caring, funniest guy I know, all around wonderful, love of my life, husband!

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