March 14, 2012

DIY Photo Coasters

It’s Pinterest Challenge time!  The Pinterest Challenge was thought up by Katie and Sherry to inspire us to actually MAKE something that we Pin on Pinterest- you know, instead of just pinning a bunch of stuff and letting it sit there. 

Somehow my Pinterest challenges unintentionally end up being travel related.  For the first one, I made a map photo frame and for the second one I made an entire travel themed photo gallery wall.  Unintentionally, I stuck with the travel theme for this latest challenge and made photo coasters from vintage Jersey shore photos.


I was inspired from seeing these travel coasters on Pinterest (shared on House of Turquoise, but originally from Better Homes & Gardens).

A while back, a friend gave us glass photo coasters from Target.  They came with a photo of some rocks, but the photo is removable so you can insert a pic of your choice.


Since we love the beach so much, I though it would be fun to use some vintage images of the New Jersey shore.  So I went online and searched for a bunch of free vintage images of some of our favorite Jersey shore spots.  I really love vintage travel stuff so this is right up my alley.


After I printed a bunch of old images out, I used the rock photo as a guide to see which images could be cropped to the right size to fit in the opening for the photo.  I chose three images from three of our favorite places at the Jersey shore, beaches that are particularly special to us because we went there while we were dating (Cape May, Wildwood, and Atlantic City, New Jersey).  The fourth image is a general New Jersey Seashore vintage picture.


After the pictures were cut to size, they were easy to pop right in the back of the coaster.  The coasters are made to also double as mini-photo frames so I could even stand them up, but I prefer them in coaster format.


I added the coasters to my living room side table and think they add a little cheer and fun.


We like pretty much anything that reminds us of the beach, so these are the perfect fit for us.


Is it summer yet?  These are making me want to drive right down to the beach!  I even had a dream I was at the shore last night, so these coasters and beach season must really be on my mind!

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Mrs. Great Indoors said...

So easy! We use a ton of coasters in our house, so I'd love to have something like this around. Great job, and thanks for linking up to the Winter Pinterest Challenge!

Erin @ The Great Indoors