September 15, 2009

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A friend of mine recently enlisted my help to redecorate her bedroom. She currently has a plain bedroom that she'd like to add some style to, but doesn't have tons of time to do a big renovation and can't break the bank redesigning the room. The furniture has to stay but the decor, fabrics, bedding, and wall color can all be changed. And to throw one more challenge into the mix, she's not sure what type of look to go for.

The room has beautiful molding so she considered playing up the formality and going for a luxe french look. Or she considered going with a green scheme by using a green duvet cover she already has and really likes. Another option is to go for a tropical themed bedroom. The master bath is decorated in Hawaiian theme which she really loves and brightens her day. Lot's of possibilities! To help her with her decorating conundrum, I put together a few style boards to design each of these bedroom looks for her.

First up, a fresh modern green bedroom. Since she loves the color green, I picked lively green bedding with a fun modern print. I chose a light brown for the walls because it compliments the bright green bedding well and adds some contrast against the light bedroom furniture. To play up the fresh and modern look some more, I added white accents like the crisp white curtains and white picture frames over the bed. In the frames, she can add some colorful nature prints or black and white photos (she already has lots of beautiful wedding photos). Finally, I suggest keeping the current lamps but adding green shades to them to complete the green look. Fun, fresh, modern!

Comforter: Target
Curtains: Walmart
Picture Frame: Target

The next look is quite the opposite. I put together a luxurious romantic French inspired bedroom. The main focus of this room are the rich fabrics. I suggest draping the entire wall behind the bed with several panels of thick off-white curtains. This adds drama to the room and gives it an upscale, romantic feel. I also chose sophisticated silver bedding for the room which looks very opulent. A candle wall sconce adds even more romance to the bedroom. Since so much light fabric is being used in the bedroom, I paired it with a deep plum color for the remaining walls. Romantic, luxurious, sophisticated!

Comforter: Bed Bath & Beyond
Curtain Rod: Target
Wall Candle Sconce: Walmart
Photography Art: Walmart
Candle Holder: Walmart

The third bedroom design, takes yet another entirely different approach. Because she loves her tropical bathroom so much, I designed a tropical inspired bedroom. The key here was subtly with the tropical decor, it's important to balance the tropical decor without going overboard with big Hawaiian print bedding or very loud colors. First I chose a toasty color for the walls which is dark enough to offset the bedroom furniture, but still looks natural and sandy. The comforter set is made from a natural looking fabric with pretty orange and turquoise stripes which manage to remain subtle and earthy. I chose to keep her existing orange curtains, but added some very tropical bamboo blinds. The lamps are replaced with wooden looking ones, adding to the warm tropical feel. To finish the look, I added two woven picture frames behind the bed. She can add her favorite vacation scenery photos to these to compliment the tropical look while adding a personal touch. Warm, tropical, fun!
Comforter: Bed Bath & Beyond
Blinds: Lowes
Lamp: Pier 1
Picture Frame: Walmart
She now has lots of options and ideas to redesign her bedroom. She can even pull her favorite aspects from each design to compile the perfect bedroom retreat. Which bedroom design is your favorite?

This redesign is shared on Diy Day and  Transformation Thursday.


Delightful Dwelling said...

What neat style boards, I love them! I think I like the first one best, it's so fun and I love that comforter. The third one is very pretty also.

Unknown said...

It looks gorgeous! I like the green one best, but any and all of them would be beautiful.

Kimba said...

Very nice! I love your ideas! I'm partial to the green too, but they're all beautiful.

queenbee said...

Since I love green, the first choice is my favorite.

Mandy said...

The second one is my favorite!
Super pretty :)