January 27, 2010

Home Online Shopping Sites

I sit next to three girls at work and they love to talk about shopping.  They introduced me to online "sample sales" where online sales are held to sell discounted clothes and accessories.  But guess what, these sites sell discounted furniture and home decor accessories too!

I did some digging around and found a bunch of these online shopping sites.  The only catch is that you have to be a "member" of the site to access the sales. Luckily, membership is free but you need to be invited by another member in order to join.  Once you join, you can pass along invites to your friends too and earn points for inviting your friends (full disclosure here!). I've signed up for a bunch of sites and have some invites, so you can use these links to join the fun: Haute Look, Rue La La, Gilt, Ideeli, and Groupon.

Haute Look:  In addition to their sales on clothing, shoes, jewelery, makeup, sports memorabilia (shhh don't tell my husband), and chocolates (psstt tell my husband), they have some very affordable housewares sales.  Currently, they have some very cute dining and china on sale.  I'm not usually a total girly girl but I can't resist this cute heart shaped tea and saucer set, a 6 person set for $30.  Use this link to join Haute Look. 

Rue La La:  Currently has plush W Hotel brand bedding for sale and other sales for clothes, jewelery, shoes, and cruises.  You can access the sales here.

Gilt:  Currently has designer bedding and gifts on sale.  Like this very cute hammered stainless steel platter by Michael Aram for $15.

But be warned, Gilt has a mix of affordable stuff like the $15 platter and some super expensive stuff like this Vera Wang cashmere blanket.  Yes, it's Vera Wang.  Yes, it's cashmere.  Yes, it's on sale for 60% off.  No, I would never pay $998 freakin dollars for a blanket!

The $15 pretty platter is a different story though, it's dishwasher safe and all!  To sign up for Gilt, just use this link and you will be taken to my invitation.

Ideeli: Has mostly clothes, accessories, and luggage for sale but has some houseware too, like this upcoming sale for Yedi Housewares.  You can join here.

Some other sites I've joined are Groupon which provides awesome discounts to local stores and restaurants, Beyond the Rack which has clothes and accessories, and Shop It To Me (email me and I'll send you an invite) which searches the internet sends you sales for the brands you like to buy. Have you discovered any other sample sale sites or gotten any awesome deals?  Do tell!


Angela said...

I really really really like that blanket. I'm drooling a bit. :)

Jenny @ DIY Newlyweds said...

I know, I totally am too! But the $1000 price tag is just shocking!