January 31, 2011

Quick Kitchen Drawer Organization

Last year, I added this white filigree vase to my kitchen to help organize my cooking utensils.  I love this vase and it is super convenient when I’m stirring something on the stove with one hand, preventing my dinner from catching on fire with another hand, and need to quickly grab a spatula!  Plus, it has helped cleanup my kitchen utensil drawer…well, sort of.


As of late, my utensil drawer was starting to get a little messy and things started getting hard to find.


I don’t use these utensils on an everyday basis so I don’t need them in the utensil vase, but I did need to make things a little easier to find.  So I used this ultra complex, mulit-step scientific method to organize my drawer:


…I used a few tupperware containers!  Earth shattering, I know.  But hey, it works.  Now my measuring spoons are all in one place and my less frequently used tools are tucked away in the back of the drawer.   My measuring cups are all clipped together with a metal ring making them easy to find too.  It might not be the most complicated organization project, but it works!

Do you have any simple solutions for kitchen organization or to keep your cabinets and drawers neat and tidy?

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