February 28, 2011

Hot In Cleveland House

I have been a huge fan of Betty White since she was on the Golden Girls (only the best TV show ever) and I love that at 89 years old she is still acting and is as funny as ever.  So of course I watch her new TV show, Hot in Cleveland which happens to be set in a very cute house.

Check out the Hot in Cleveland house; I love its cozy, comfortable, and eclectic decor.  In the first season of the show, the living room had a mix of new furniture with funky old pieces.

In season two, the living room got a more refined look, but is still a little funky with a mix of furniture that looks like it was collected over time and lots of bright pillows and fun accents.

Doesn't it look like an old friend's house where you can make yourself feel right at home?  The kitchen is cute too and has a charming country farmhouse look.

I recognize those kitchen chairs from Ikea.  I love the mismatched furniture in here too.

The Hot in Cleveland "house" also has a pretty and inviting front porch.  I'd love to sit out there with a glass of lemonade.

And of course hang out with Betty White!

I love when TV shows sets look realistic and like someone's actual house (like in Cougar Town too). Do you have a favorite TV show "house"?

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