March 31, 2011

Feeling Grouty

We’ve been a little lazy here in the DIY Newlyweds household.  You might remember that earlier this month we started a bathroom tiling project.  To recap, our master bathroom tub started off looking like this:

We decided to add some shiny new glass mosaic tiles around it to make it look a little more luxurious.  First we tore down the old tiles and then we adhered the mosaic tiles:

And then we had a few weekends of nice weather where we got a little lazy and chose play time over grout time!  But not to worry, we’re back on the grouting track.  We had almost a full tub of pre-mixed grout left over from kitchen backsplash project and luckily it was still usable and the color matched our new bathtub tiles!  We loved using this grout for our kitchen because it was so easy to apply and no messy mixing was involved.  And since it's held up well in our kitchen, even near the sink where it gets wet sometimes, we knew it was a good choice for our bathroom.  Plus, since it's a little pricey, the fact that we already had it on hand was a nice bonus!


We used the standard grouting approach of slapping the grout on the tiles (I believe that's the technical term), rubbing it into the spaces, and then wiping it off with a big sponge before it dried.


Working in small sections, I repeated this process around the tub.


And a couple of hours later, we had a nicely grouted tub!


I think the tub is looking much more luxurious already!


Of course we're not done yet though.  We still need to caulk between the tiles and tub for a nice waterproof seal.  And we still need to repaint the bathroom.  Since I knew we'd be repainting, I wasn't very careful about preventing the grout from getting on the walls as you can see.  But even though we're not done yet, I'm already happy about how the tub is looking!


Laura@JourneyChic said...

Well, this post did a good job of reminding me about the boxes of mosaic tiles waiting to installed in our kitchen!

Your bath is coming along nicely!

Anonymous said...

Oh I can relate to that post. My husband bought our house in November (when we were only boyfriend/girlfriend). Two weeks after that we got engaged and started planning a wedding for February. So it didn't have time to finish the projects we started because of the whole wedding craziness. But we are getting back on track. I'm sure your bathroom is gonna look awesome when it's all done! It already looks better than mine, that is half white and half blue still :(