March 28, 2011

Dried Amaryllis Flower

Remember that beautiful amaryllis flower that I was so proud of?  Here’s a reminder:

Well nothing lasts forever and a few short weeks later the amaryllis was past its prime.  The dried up flowers still looked kind of cool though, so rather than tossing them I salvaged the pretty petals for a dried flower arrangement. 


I plucked the dried petals and then twisted them together to form this cute little arrangement.  This little vase that I picked up at the Christmas Tree Shops for under a buck is the perfect size to display the dried flowers.  Since the petals shrunk as they dried, I made the arraignment look a little beefier by combining the petals from two past-due amaryllis plants.


I’ve been displaying this dried arrangement for a few weeks and so far it’s been holding up well.  It’s nice to extend the beauty of these pretty flowers a little longer.  Do you have any tips for lengthening the life of flowers or displaying them once they’re past their prime?

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