March 03, 2011

Master Bathroom Tiling Project!

Last week, Rob was at Lowes where he came across this cool glass mosaic tile on sale:

He loved the tiles and surprised me by bringing it home for an impromptu tiling project!  Don’t hate me, but I may just have the best husband ever!  He thought that this tile would look great around the perimeter of our soaking bathtub in our master bathroom.


We have a pretty boring builder's grade master bath and this tile could add a little jazz to the room without spending a lot of money (which is great for resale down the line as bathrooms are always important to buyers).  I totally agreed and was right on board!

Unfortunately, we didn't snap a good "before" picture, but here's one we took several years ago when we first bought the house (notice since then we painted the top of the ledge white, but never fully repainted the room).


So once we were both on board with re-tiling, the first step was to remove the old boring beige tiles surrounding the tub.


Rob got fast at work using a hammer and that little chisel type tool in the photo below to take down the old tiles.


However, as the tiles came down, parts of the drywall came with it.


So Rob patched the drywall by first cutting out sections where it was damaged:


And then he fixed it by cutting a square of new drywall, hammering it in, and patching it up with joint compound.


Once the walls were patched, it was onto the fun stuff- tiling!  I'll share another update soon as we complete more of the tiling (it's still a work in progress)!


karen @ our slo house said...

I can't wait to see the finished product. DH and I have been eyeing glass tile for a while...

Kristina said...

We bought this tile for a backsplash in the kitchen. What an awesome idea for the soaking tub!