July 05, 2011

Patriotic Landscaping

Since summer is in full swing, I wanted to share another update on our front yard landscaping.  You may already be tired of hearing about the paver walkway and retaining wall we installed earlier this year.  But don't expect me to stop talking about it yet, we're still not done the landscaping as I'm still in search of the perfect perennials!  But in the meanwhile I wanted to share how we're looking so far.

In May, our retaining wall was looking like this:

Since then, the petunias have been growing like crazy but some of the other flowers didn't fare as well. I moved all of the impatiens to the backyard as the petunias were overshadowing them.  I also moved the peony to the backyard and added a hydrangea in its place.


I added a few cute accents, like this smiling snail whose chipped paint only makes him more charming in my opinion.


And what's a garden without a gnome?


To celebrate Independence Day, I also added some patriotic updates (you can read about how I decorated for the 4th of July indoors here).


I added a few small flags...


..and a few of the confetti looking stars and stripes.


I love coming home and seeing all of the blooming flowers!  Do you have any landscaping favorites for full-sun areas?

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