May 29, 2012

Favorite Travel Souvenirs

One of my very most favorite things to do ever is travel.  If time and money weren’t an obstacle, I would travel to every continent on the planet.  My hubby and I decided a long time ago to make traveling a priority, even if it meant cutting back in other areas (like going out to eat frequently for example which we rarely do), so we’ve had the good fortune to take multiple vacations in the few years we’ve been married.  I was happy to see that Centsational Girl is having a travel souvenirs blog party today because this is something I have wanted to share. 

Whenever we travel, there is a must-have souvenir that we always pick-up- magnets!


We started collecting magnets on our honeymoon and haven’t left a vacation without picking up at least one since (with the exception of a weekend trip to Washington DC last year which I’m still disappointed about).  Magnets are the perfect vacation souvenir in my opinion because they’re available absolutely everywhere, they don’t take up much space in your luggage or in your house once you get home, and they’re inexpensive.

We amassed quite a few magnets last year because we took a Mediterranean cruise and picked up a magnet in each port we stopped in.  A couple of the magnets are also souvenirs relatives had brought back for us from their trips. 

If you’re wondering what some of our favorite travel spots have been, I’d pick Costa Rica, Mallorca, Bermuda, and Genoa Italy as some of my favorites.  Although to tell you the truth, I have never met a vacation spot I didn’t like!

The other vacation souvenir we started collecting, but quickly proved to be much less practical, is coffee mugs.  Mugs are also available practically anywhere, but after we had brought home a few, we quickly began to run out of cabinet space to store them.  Plus, there’s only so many mugs a household of two needs.  Nevertheless, it is fun to have my tea in the “Las Vegas mug” and think back on the trip.

We also have several mugs from Disney because their mugs are so darn cute.


Of course if we come across some locally made unique items, or even a fun pen or t-shirt, we might snag one of those too, but magnets and mugs are the only items we make sure to always look for.

Update: I totally forgot to include one of my other favorite travel souvenirs- postcards!  I love collecting postcards especially vintage looking ones.  I mean, I only dedicated an entire wall of my house to travel photos and postcards!

All this travel talk has me itching to go on another vacation!  Do you have any getaways planned for this summer?  Is there a type of souvenir you like to pick up each time?


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I love your colorful magnet collection. :) I have a couple of mugs from vacations, but I'm afraid I'll start hoarding them. ;) Visiting from Centsational Girl's Souvenir Party. Hope you'll stop by my blog post too. :)

Donna said...

Very cute magnet collection. My kids love mugs from vacation spots. Fun collections.

The Single Nester said...

You are a blogger after my own heart! I collect magnets from my travels and postcards too!!