December 23, 2010

Gold Christmas Branch Decor

I’m excited to share this pretty Christmas decoration I came up with this year:

Gold Evergreen Branches

When we were “trimming” our Christmas tree this year (more about that later) some of the bottom branches had to be cut off.  I felt bad just throwing out the pretty branches so I held onto them hoping to find another way to use them.

christmas tree branches

Lo and behold, an idea struck me as soon as I came across some spray paint in the garage.  I decided to spray one tree branch gold and another one white.  Truth be told, the white branch didn’t turn out very well so I ended up painting over it with the gold spray paint.  I used a light coating of spray paint only on the front of the branches so some of the natural green color still showed through.

spray painted christmas tree branches

Once dry, I put the branches in a glass vase which I snagged at the Dollar Store (for just $1 buckaroo!) and filled the vase with fake “snow” flakes.

Gold Evergreen Branches

The new arraignment looks so pretty on my coffee table.  I placed the painted branches on a red charger tray and surrounded it with some more snowflakes and matching red and gold ornaments.

Christmas Branch Centerpiece

So what do you think?  Have you found any ways to reuse extra Christmas tree branches?

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