December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas!  I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas.  Our Christmas was  wonderful and full of family, traditions, big meals, and cookies (which I’m still munching on right now…seriously get these cookies away from me, I can’t stop eating them!)

Since Christmas has come and gone, I figured now would be a good time to share some photos of my Christmas decor!  Better late than never, right?  In between all the preparations for the holidays, working, our trip to Florida, and shopping for gifts I didn’t even get around to photographing my tree until Christmas Day!

But here she is:

This year, I used only white lights and decorated the tree with mainly gold ornaments.  (You can check out last year’s red and gold tree and the rest of my decor here). We still hung all of our special and childhood ornaments, but the rest of the tree was decked out in gold, or at least partially gold, ornaments.


The mantle received the gold treatment this year too.  I skipped the stockings on the mantle this year and instead used a cascading green with gold garland wrapped around it.


This was the first Christmas since we expanded our mantle shelf so I had more room to decorate and placed poinsettia and gold pinecone decorations on top of the mantle.  The mantle is also lit up with a small string of white lights and mini lighted gold Christmas trees on each end.


Instead of stockings on the mantle, I hung them on our stair railings this year along with more green garland, white lights, and touches of gold pinecone decorations to match the mantle.


The end table in our family room kept its usual decor, but got spruced up for the holidays with ornaments inside of our white lanterns and a sprig of evergreen in our little green vase.


On the coffee table, I made our usual candle tray (seen here decorated for summer) more festive with fake snow, a snowman candle, and cute mini ornaments.


But my very favorite Christmas decoration is this little guy under our Christmas tree.  Nothing looks more festive than my four-legged best friend donning a Santa hat and beard!


I keep my holiday decorations up until after New Years, so we will still have a couple more weeks to enjoy the dolled up house.  It always makes me so sad to take the festive decor down.  How about you, do you leave your decorations up into January or are they down by the time the last present is unwrapped?

If you’ve been following along with DIY December, the fun isn’t over yet!  I’ll be sharing some New Years inspired ideas over the next week, so stay tuned!

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La said...

Your home looks very warm and festive. I love the picture of man's best friend under the tree.

Happy New Year! La