October 21, 2010

Doggy Birthday Party

I realize that many of you will think I'm totally crazy after you read this post, but hopefully those of you with four-legged best friends will totally understand.  Last year, we adopted this adorable little puppy.  He has brightened our home and I look forward to his four paws, wagging tail, and doggy kisses greeting me every time I walk through the front door.  So when his first birthday rolled around this weekend, we wanted to make it a special day for him.  Don't worry, we didn't hire a clown and rent a moon bounce, but we did celebrate the day. We bought him a few new toys, got him some tasty doggy treats, and I might have baked some cookies and made some doggy decorations.  That's not too crazy, right?

Here's the birthday boy, freshly groomed and dressed for the occasion with a Happy Birthday bandanna and one of his new toys.

Now, here's where I may start sounding a bit wacky.  I wanted to bake some tasty treats (for us humans), so I made sugar cookies (with this awesome lemon glaze) using a dog bone shaped cookie cutter.


And of course no doggy birthday party would be complete without some decorations, so I made a simple dog garland by tracing a schnauzer shape onto sheets of blue and brown construction paper.  Once each shape was cut out, I punched a hole into each doggy and strung a white gift ribbon through them for a quick schnauzer garland to dress up my fireplace.

schnauzer paper garland

dog paper garland

But my favorite doggy decoration (which I had to make for Halloween anyway of course) are these schnauzer carved pumpkins.  Better Homes & Gardens has awesome free dog breed pumpkin stencils and I couldn't wait to give the schnauzer stencil a try!

P1130264schnauzer pumpkin

So there you have it, my dog's first birthday celebration.  That wasn't too crazy, right?  So tell me, do you celebrate your pet's birthday too or am I nutty after all?


ChRiS said...

bless your heart if only every animal out there had people like you (and me) to love them like this.

La said...

He's one lucky dog. I think it is sweet. Your pumpkin turned out great! La

ezlivinginvt said...

We have a schnauzer we adopted. She was already one when she came to us but when her next birthday came up and first with us, my daughter asked if we were going to have a party since I was known for the bday parties I throw for my kids. So I told her she could throw this one. She was 7 then. She made a "cake" using wet dogfood and decorated w/dry. She made two, since we knew who owned her sister. She made cupcakes for all of us and we made toothpicks w/her picture topping them to stick in the tops for humans invited. We made table decors all w/ computer decorations we made w/her picture saying "Chesnie's 1 today!" She invited her sister and a few others that owned her dog "friends" in our area. It was cute and my daughter had a great time!

Ashley E. Angle said...

I love this!

Mary said...

Of course we celebrate our pup's special day! This year she enjoyed an extra long run along with lots of peanut butter and cheese - she is one spoiled pooch!